Forgotten Mothers offers emotional, spiritual and informational support for mothers who have lost children whom many seem to forget about when the second Sunday of May comes around each year.

I personally have lost three children and I know the emotional effects it has on a person, and the forever scar it leaves on your heart.

Below are some helpful links that helped me along that long journey through grief depression and finally healing.



 High Risk Specialists


Take a look at the story of Eliot Hartman Mooney who was born with Trisomy 18 and lived for 99 days.




07/08/2009 23:55

More Helpful Websites

 Take a look at Healing Hearts News. Sign up and receive monthy news letters. www.healingheart.net

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07/08/2009 23:54

Website launched

Im excited to announce my new website has launched today. I decided to create a webpage on this subject to help anyone who has ever lost a child . My goal is to help parents on that darkest day when they feel no one understands.

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